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rescue glen frey the cat not the rockstar

is beginning to get comfortable.

he still eats like a mafioso

facing the door

 always on his guard


we still startle each other

if either of us enters a room too fast


 he doesn’t run away and hide

as much anymore

and even

hangs around a bit longer each day

scooting off to his safe spot

when he needs to


he talks to me loudly


 lets me brush him now

and purrs

and tips over


even has bedtime habits.

at 10:30 each night

he climbs into his cushiony basket

where his stuffed kitty friend

awaits him

high atop

the window bench with a view of outside.

for a guy who’s had a hard and uncertain life

he seems to be settling in just fine.

if it’s the right chair,

it doesn’t take too long to get comfortable in it.

-robert de niro

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  1. Glen F is certainly a little skittish but finding each other has opened his life to a much better one, Beth. This was such a sweet way you described your encounters! ❤ You rescued him and he keeps you company, although startling each other. I could picture all of this and thought it would make a cute kid's book. Cats and new owners are fun stuff!

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  2. I’m happy he is doing better and better. I am noticing the same with Dylan, he’s more trusting now after 3.5 weeks at home, he doesn’t save his food for later any more. We are lucky to have them 🙂

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  3. I’m so happy that glenfrey the cat not the rock star is settling just fine and that the both of you have some limited peace together. He does look comfortable in his makeshift bed with his kitty friend. I’m happy too that is hard life is behind him and he has a good home to look forward too. ❤ Kat

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  4. Hi! I’m a newcomer to your blog. Loved, LOVED your stories about “Nacho the cat not the food.” I’m looking forward to reading about Rescue Glen Frey the cat not the rock star. He looks adorable! We have a rescue cat named Claire – also an orange tabby. She’s quite the “talker” too.

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