slim to none.



posted online by my local news outlet: 

Severe weather forecast changed significantly, now in parts of Michigan.

Storm Prediction Center says severe storms possible in west Michigan this evening.

Main threat of severe weather expected just west of Michigan, but still a concern here.

The severe weather forecast for this afternoon and evening has changed significantly, and has increased part of Michigan’s severe weather chances.

The Storm Prediction Center issued a new forecast at 12:30 p.m., after looking at the latest round of weather data.

They basically shifted all of the severe weather risk areas eastward. The images above show you the earlier forecast from this morning on the left, and the forecast from 12:30 p.m. on the right.

Much of southern Lower Michigan went from a marginal risk of severe weather to a slight risk of severe weather.

i am a little confused, especially now that i’ve seen it move from marginal to slight, so i looked up the difference in the dictionary and now i’m really confused. i think i’ll just go to bed and wake up in the morning, hoping that the risk is actually at the  ‘slim to none’ level. 

adjective: marginal 
of, relating to, or situated at the edge or margin of something.


adjective: slight; comparative adjective: slighter; superlative adjective: slightest
small in degree; inconsiderable.

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  1. Wonder if the storm feels slighted by marginal forecasting abilities. I’m sure the kinders at the window can give a much more accurate weather report.

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  2. Cloudy with sunny breaks, chance of rain, hail and high winds with a thunderstorm watch and a high UV warning from extreme sunshine (maybe a sandstorm) Ha! Hard to be wrong.

    When I trucked in Eastern Canada we used to have to negotiate a large mountain called Kelly’s mountain on the trans-Canada highway. One of my associates had been hauling fresh fish bulk in a dump trailer from one fish plant to another over Kelly’s when the tailgate malfunctioned and about 5 tons of fish slid out the back over about a 2 mile section of highway. It was below freezing – ideal for hauling fresh fish but not so good when it is on the highway. The first I knew of it was when I was listening to the first morning road report at 4:30 am when they said the highway was bare except for slippery fishy spots. Bwahahaha!

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  3. your entry title is hilarious. i’m glad the storm wasn’t bad for your area.

    when i was growing up,my mother used to ‘take a nap” whenever hurricanes threatened. sometimes we’d have taffy pulls…then she’d nap.


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  4. LOL
    meteorologists are a funny tribe. Guessing games. And here, they get way over excited if they’re given something. ..ANYTHING….new to talk about; besides all the varying discriptions of sunshine… for 355 days of the year.
    Warm, dry and #plentiful sunshine
    Warm, dry and #gooddealof sunshine
    Warm, dry and #lotsof sunshine
    Warm, dry and #abundance of sunshine….
    abounding, ample, bounteous, bountiful…..

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