the playground community

was worried


unsure what to do

how to help

there had been an accident

it had happened to one of their own

one’s hair somehow

got wound around

the button of another

the two involved 

sat down next to each other

(no other logistical choice really)

one put her arm around the other

one big one 

helped them to unwind it

one turned away

unsure how to help

one stood by

ready to help

one stood at a safe distance

watching closely

helping by being near


in the end

all was well

once more.

without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.

anthony j. d’angelo

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  1. I love that you have the “smarts” to see the wisdom with children on a regular basis…when I was a young teacher, I sometimes found myself so overwhelmed with what “had to be taught” that I forgot to be open to those “teachable moments” by my kids. Thanks for your regular reminders that kids teach us a lot…we just have to be open to it…. ❤

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  2. This shows so many ways each of us react or handle things. Wonderful how everyone is part of the solution, takes part in worrying on different levels. A microcosm of real society, unfolding before your eyes. You are our “interpreter” we count on to share with us, Beth. ❤

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  3. Maybe I’m wrong but I think it may have been two girls involved. Perhaps if it were two boys the post might have been very different and may even have featured a snap of a bald piece of head.:)
    I know… very sexist of me.

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  4. A touching and spot-on observation. Did you intend it to be a subtle reflection on the choices people make during a crisis situation in the world at large? Some people chose to step in and help while others are helpless in the face of disaster. Or, am I reading into it?

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    • yes, that is it – each person in a community reacts differently in challenging situations, and while some jump in, others are unsure or unable what to do – this happens at any age in any community, i think.

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  5. I read a story earlier about a duck that tapped on a police car door. The officer thought duck was hungry and tossed some food out the window. The duck ignored the food and walked away. The officer didn’t get out the car. So the duck came back tapped again trying to get the officer to follow. So the officer did. The duck led him to to her chicken that was tangled in string. The officer was afraid the duck was going to attack him if he touched the chick. His partner came and she untangled the chick while the mother patiently waited. Amazing that the duck seemed the help from a human. A police officer! That is a wonderful story of caring.

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    • That’s a great story SHO. I was in trucking for years and then management of trucking. The following story was captured by a local newspaper photographer. One of my tanker drivers (huge gas tankers with two trailers and weighing 70 tons) stopped to let a mother duck and her 6 babies cross the road from a park to a pond. This was a common crossing and was marked so. The photographer was looking for a filler and had stopped and was watching the crossing – taking pictures of the truck waiting. Then calamity struck. The last baby was too little to hop into the curb and was stuck trying over and over to unsuccessfully follow her Mom. Our driver got out and walked over, knelt down and placed his hand horizontal half way up the curb making a step for the duckling. She jumped on his hand and then the curb and waddled off after her brothers and sisters. The photo array appeared in the next day’s paper and we got a lot of calls and e-mails from people who wanted to thank the driver.

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