who? take 2.




i made another attempt

at keeping the brownies

in the pan

for more than  

half an hour.

this time

as i was

tapping off



powdered sugar

on top

almost all


the perfect batch

followed the sugar


into the trash


i brought what was left to the party


 had to call on

my wheel of cheese

for backup.

“it’s the mishaps that make it fun, and brings you the surprise.”
-anna wintour


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  1. Oh, this made me sad, Beth. Much better to end up in a sneaky grandie’s tummy than the trash. I forget what similar baking disaster had me almost cry. Then my Mom or Grandma’s old saying came to me, “No use in crying over spilled milk.” I got over it then! 🙂

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  2. Oh gosh…this brownie fiasco reminds me of the first time I baked chocolate chip cookies for my family…they were so hard, my family used them as Frisbees and threw them at each other!! 😉

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  3. I assembled a cheesecake and put it in the oven not realizing that someone in this house had put the oven rack in upside down. Before I could close the oven door the entire raw cheesecake propelled itself out of the oven onto the floor. I think that’s why my dogs love me so much.

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