last day.



the kinders enjoy their last day all together

“the last day is way shorter than counting to ten.”
― leena ahmad almashat –  Harmony Letters

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  1. They look so happy and healthy and safe, Beth. Must have an excellent teacher. Did you notice that the girls in your class once again are the most assertive – one standing on the fence and another on a big rock – while the boys are busy checking out the ground.

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  2. The end of a school year is always so poignant. We have several elementary teachers in the family, including one who’s taught kindergarten classes. It’s a marker in these children’s lives. As much as we enjoy seeing them grow up, we sometimes wish we could keep them forever young.

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  3. Congratulations! My wife Heidi and and I celebrated “Last Day” last night. She’ll be teaching summer school this year with most of the same children from her class but gets a break before then, so “Last Day” is nearly all sweet for her instead of bittersweet.

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    • yes, they are always bittersweet days for me. i know they’ve outgrown me and have to move on, but i know i’ll miss them even before they’ve left the room.


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