“books give a soul to the universe, wings to the mind,

flight to the imagination, and life to everything.”


i stopped over to surprise

little grandie b

on her birthday

brought my gift

gave her a flower

shared a hug


she asked

if she could read to me

i had ‘read’ with her

just months before

when she pretended to read

a chapter book

imitating readers

she had seen and heard

excited to be like one of them

but today

she opened a book

read me every word

her little brother


“i don’t know how it happened.

but she can just read now.”

i told him

” it is magic.”

i was in awe of her


this surprise gift of magic

that she gave to me on her sixth birthday.

“once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”

– frederick douglass


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  1. It is magic how it happens – suddenly one day, they read (if set up with all the tiny pre-reading steps before) The brain has to mature to just the right second when the squiggles and symbols suddenly form words and are verbalized. A lot of neurology and biology – but the bottom line is that the moment is magic.
    So cool!


  2. Exactly. It’s just magic. As a teacher of young ones, it fascinates me every time that light clicks on. It’s bewildering, but oh so delightful to watch. How exciting for you to witness as a grandmother. And yes, it’s quite the gift of a lifetime.

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  3. This is an incredible, surprise gift your birthday grandie gave you, Peaches! She’s a chip off the grandmother’s block!
    It truly brought a happy rush of tears in my eyes. How lovely she was trying chapter pretend reading not that long ago, which is so cool, too.
    Happy #6 birthday, dear Grandie B! ~ ~**~~

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