one day and night at the tiny fairy castle


staying in the tower


like rapunzel


with a peaceful view


and a walk by the irish sea.

“why should we strive, with cynic frown,

to knock their fairy castles down?”

– eliza cook 

woodenbridge, county wicklow, ireland

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  1. I fell behind and you may already know my hot, summer days are being lengthened by adding Remington, IND and Enfield, CT stores at work for Advance Auto warehouse. I really love the castle experience you had. Somr dreams come true and more will continue to happen along our winding paths in life. Hugs, Robin xo

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    • yes, it sounds like you have taken even more on your plate, make sure to keep some time for yourself, robin. true, we will continue to have all kinds of dreams come true, i’m sure of it )


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