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  2. Agreed. This reminded me of a religion class I was thrown out of many moons ago. The nun said, ‘If you came to a mountain Miss, would you climb it or walk around it?’ I thought it was an easy question so said, ‘I’d go around it.’ Well she flipped. Told me that she wasn’t one bit surprised at my attitude. ‘Typical!’ she said. ‘I bet you will take the easy way through life’ Again I agreed and told her it would be a bit ridiculous to make life harder than it need be. That was too much for her so she chucked me out.
    I think I’d still give the same answer, but maybe try sound less cheeky!

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  3. Boy, ain’t that the truth???? Every time I over-think something or try to “control” something, I screw it up. And every time I turn it over to “God/the universe”, things turn out just fine…..Thx for the reminder!!! 😉

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