“who am I to blow against the wind?” – paul simon



sunday’s strong winds turned

the annual port huron, michigan float down

into an accidental international expedition.

the associated press reports around 1,500 people were sent across the st. clair river’s international border while riding inflatable rafts, tubes, boats, and other floatation devices.

canadian authorities helped bring them back to michigan from sarnia, ontario.  police reportedly arranged for sarnia transit to take the stranded rafters back stateside.  

Facebook post from the rafters:

“we want to express our gratitude to the canadian authorities for their assistance and understanding with the floaters who’ve unintentionally been forced to the canadian shoreline. you’ve shown us true kindness and what it means to be amazing neighbors!”

sarnia police tell the a.p. only minor injuries were reported in the incident, which started at port huron’s lighthouse beach and was slated to end at marysville’s chrysler beach before mother nature took control. 
authorities report that “a strong current and lack of life jackets” heightened the hazards in the incident. the port huron float down is an annual event between michigan and canada, which takes participants 7.5 miles down the st. clair river. shipowners are speaking out against an annual, loosely organized event that sends thousands floating down the st. clair river.


credits: associated press, mlive.com, sarnia police,

blackburnnews.com, benjamin raven

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  1. I was watching “Border Security” and a young Asian woman with high platform boots was checked for drugs inbound to Canada. They X-rayed her boots and found that the platform was hollow on one boot and made of a different material (obviously done deliberately). It was empty and the officer explained that drug runners often did test runs to see of they could get away with it before committing narcotics to cross the border.

    I suspect that is what happened here – a test run to see if they can sneak into Canada undetected in case Trump wins the election. 😀 Just wait until the wind direction and speed are right , jump in your tire tube and float unseen after dark right across the border.

    Too funny Beth. great post and of course the Canadians were polite. Ha! I can just imagine the “boaters” trying to clear American customs with no documents and dressed only in a wet bathing suit.Ha!

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  2. I read this story the other day and thought that in another time it would have been a somewhat funny story, assuming everyone was safe. In today’s world people view it as a possible security risk. Things have certainly changed.
    Thankfully, everything was handled very well.

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  3. You know Beth, I’m old enough to remember crossing the border like this:
    “You all born in Canada?”
    “Where you going and for how long?”
    “Vermont. For the day.”
    “K, have fun!”
    The end.
    No passport.
    NO ID whatsoever.
    Nothing. ❤
    Diana xo

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  4. I cannot help smiling at the end results of a few mishaps and much fun had by the participants, Beth! I loved the photos and Paul Simon’s quote!
    The shipping route has to take weather conditions and other natural interruptions into account, surely an annual event can be rerouted around? 😀

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