stumble, don’t sit.


“keep on going and the chances are

you will stumble on something,

perhaps when you are least expecting it.

i have never heard of anyone

stumbling on something sitting down.”

– charles kettering

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  1. So I take it you stumbled upon this random chair when you were out and about somewhere?! You have such a good eye for seeing interesting, cute, and funny things and adding the perfect words to them… the world through Beth’s eyes! xo

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  2. Oh,how I love this kind of a “stumble!” We are two peas in a pod. . .
    I found my long, heavy wooden bench sticking out of a dumpster, rounded up an able bodied son and friend. We set it out on the blacktop in back of my apt building and spray painted (after no sanding, just dusted it off) black and only took one can of flat black spray paint! I love it to death! πŸ™‚

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