“colors are the smiles of nature.” – leigh hunt



– great news –

there are now


two words

that rhyme with purple.

hirple, meaning “to limp” or “walk awkwardly,”


curple, an old Scots word for the hindquarters of a horse.


now about orange……

 credits: google images, mental floss magazine

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  1. Love that purple picture.
    May I suggest turtle and myrtle?
    If you were from Norfolk in the UK you could have fertile because they pronounce it furtle
    I am working on orange, only one that I can come up with Erange – a river in South Africa.

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  2. Beautiful photos – thanks for the word hirple, after a long day I hirple to my car and go home. My darn knees. My chiropractor called it another word – chimping- as I walk like a chimpanzee. Now I have a defifinitve word. Enjoy your Labor Day weekend.

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  3. great vocabulary words for the day and a cool word game too but I’m not really sure there is a word in the whole of the world that will ever rhyme with Orange unless we take the subjection of the two word clue from the gentleman above me but I’m not sure that would really work or we could never put it at the end of the verse and then there is no worry. Great post as always and I learned something too. Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend for Tuesday we all head back to school. Kat

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