a watched pot.



the trojan room coffee pot – action shot

  the trojan room coffee pot was a coffee machine located next to the old computer lab of the university of cambridge, england, which in 1991 provided the inspiration for the world’s first webcam.

to save people working in the building the disappointment of finding the coffee machine empty, after making the trip to the room, a camera was set up, providing a live picture of the coffee pot to all desktop computers on the office network. after the camera was connected to the internet, a few years later, the coffee pot gained international notoriety as a feature of the fledging world wide web, until it was retired in 2001.

“a watched pot never boils…. but it does develop paranoia”

― josh stern

credits: cambridge university


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  1. Hi KSbeth – I think i followed you long ago – seeing you on T’s blog -anyhow, after seeing you on Mark’s blog this week I had to come over and see some of your posts – and so glad i did – the children photos and quotes are nicely paired (which I recall from last time i was around here) but had to leave a note on this post because oh wow – is this cool. I had no idea about the the trojan room coffee pot in 1991.
    I did once hear a story about the man who had a baby and wanted to share with his family and he linked up his phone and camera on the later 1990s – but this the trojan room coffee pot story is fun.

    hope u have a great day

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