cups runneth over.



lots of cups and lots of ideas


“building art is a synthesis of life in materialised form.

we should try to bring in under the same hat not a splintered way of thinking,

but all in harmony together.”

-alvar aalto

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      • You reminded me of something that happened when my now 43 year old son was in first grade.
        His teacher called me one evening and asked me what was Kevin’s reaction when I reprimanded him?
        “What do you mean reprimand, what did he do wrong”?
        “Oh, nothing serious, his printing is poor and I know he can do better. I was trying to make him understand that”.
        “He is turning his face away from you isn’t he”.
        “Yes exactly”!!!
        “Well try this” I replied.
        “No matter how bad it looks to you, stamp it with a happy face or give him a star for it and tell him how beautifully he prints. Kevin reacts much better to praise”.
        “Yes, I tell him he is a super star all the time and he is”.
        “Alright I will try it”. Was her answer.
        A few weeks later I received a note from his teacher thanking me and it read; “Boy you really know your children. Kevin is doing beautifully and I would like to let you know he will be going into the advanced reading group right after winter break. Thank you for showing me a new avenue to use”.
        Kevin is a VP of finance at the company he works for today. I knew he was a super star but more importantly so did he. :o)

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