good things come.



first time ever

on a school bus

on a field trip

looking at the world 

passing by


full of wonder. 

“good things come, and i’m not just referring to riding the buses.”

-lionel blue

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  1. Oh Beth, how delightful. Seeing the picture of the small child on the school bus reminded me of my first train ride [all five miles of it]. I was filled with such glee and excitement. I’d never really gotten to do anything without my big brothers (all 5 of them). What glory to have lived during an era when Dad could put me on the train at one station and I could ride the train in wonder and awe for 5 miles and Mom could pick me up at the next station. They didn’t have to worry a bit about their child or what might happen to her. I’ll never forget that first train ride and how grown up and brave I felt. Thanks for bringing back the memory. You are wonderfully skilled at accomplishing this.

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