two in half a million.



a woodstock moment – 40+ years later

on a whim, a young duo went to the legendary festival

only to be captured in a memorable image


two in half a million:

bobbi kelly and nick ercoline greet the dawn

on august 17, 1969.

“this is the way to hear music, i think,

surrounded by rolling hills and farmlands, under a big sky.”

― uwe michael lang, The Road to Woodstock

credits: burk uzzle (photo), life magazine, tim dumas, smithsonian magazine


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  1. Saw the headline and the first few words of this post in my email feed, and for some reason assumed you were talking about you, and thought, “Oh yeah, what were you–5?” Haha. Because I’m pretty sure I’m way older than you and I was “only” 14 when Woodstock happened. Great pic of these two.
    Thanks for the Sat. morning pick-me-up. (Or were you even alive yet when the first Woodstock happened–hmm?)

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