tell me about your picture.

it’s my dog. 

he has

4 legs


a tail


some spots


a face.

and where is the rest of him?

right there.

he’s white.

don’t you see him?

yes, i do now.

“in complex trains of thought signs are indispensable.”

-george henry lewes

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  1. Haha Love it. This artist is either a genius or a disaster.
    My son used to ask us what we thought he’d drawn and then agree with us. The same picture was something different to each of us, but he was just as delighted each time.

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  2. I learned as the older sister of a much younger brother – NEVER, NEVER even guess what they “might have drawn”, always just say, “What a great picture!” That way you cover yourself for a number of items it could be. I told my 5 year old brother that he drew a great looking turtle and his face started to pucker up and he frowned at me and whined, “That’s not a turtle. It’s a mountain. A mountain with rivers running through it!” Yep. Taught me to keep my mouth shut. Yesiree-Bob! ;)p

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