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  1. Here in Ireland we have the madness on Brexit on one side and now Trump on the other. Don’t judge me if I laugh out loud when I hear either nation boast about their amazing education system. The proof is in the pudding!
    I am so stunned that people voted for him, that women voted for him. Really?! They saw all that and they still voted for him. Even children over here are perplexed.
    I’m so sorry for how you must be feeling today Beth. My only words of comfort can be, “This too shall pass” Hang in there, it could be a rough ride over the next few years.

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  2. heartbroken…a fabulous opportunity by-passed right in front of our eyes….wondering HOW the votes got counted…or miscounted? that map of state results was the oddest television graphic ever…almost like “whoops” this just in…the lady lost this state and that one and that one over there…we shall see if somebody somewhere investigates? and then meaningfully protests. somebody call the FBI? no, NOT the FBI…oh, no! πŸ˜‰

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