common to all mankind.



the 1967 outer space treaty forbids any nation from trying to own the moon. 

 it was the 60’s. the height of the cold war.

 they made a treaty not to own the moon.

at the united nations convention of the law of the sea in 1982

it was agreed that the moon, like the high seas,

is considered “res communis” roughly translated to “common to all mankind.”

credits: mental floss magazine

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  1. Beth, such a great post and message. The Russian cosmonaut got up in space first but it didn’t take long for us to make it to the moon! 🙂
    I just saw the fantastic film about the trio of intelligent and feisty women who helped with John Glenn’s flight! The women are memorable characters and my girlfriend and I cried for the humiliation they had to endure. “Hidden Figures” is a must see!! xo

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