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  1. Truth is relative and personal. There is no TRUTH, so to speak and who would know what it was, if it did exist? Each of us sees things differently so what was true to one person wouldn’t be true to another. Thinking that’s there’s a TRUTH is what makes life so difficult because those in power want everyone to live by their truths and their truths have noting to do with our lives. Churches do the same thing. Truth only exists for us on a personal level. It can’t be any other way. But we can become wise by listening to ourselves and not to others. That’s my truth.

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  2. I just wrote a massive comment and then somehow lost it before I could press “Send”so now frothing hopelessly at my technical. I left a whole load of quotes about truth ending with “A wiser and a sadder man” which is what an understanding of truths can bring you. Thank you, as always, for prodding me to think 🙂

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  3. So many people are scared of the truth. Ive just had a friend who whose partner left her.. He said that he never wanted to get married (they were 18 and engaged), but was merely doing it to please her. She was stuck in this illusion and externalised her fear of being alone. Confronting the fear…is indeed confronting the truth. If she did so…she would be totally set free. I can’t wait to see her do so…shes so close!

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