dear mom –

“just a few photos from xmas. still having shutterfly problems so thought i’d better at least send something. felix is talking, saying ‘car, ear, nose’ and magnus is crying over patsy cline songs. just back from swimming at ellen’s house with the dairy cows watching us from the other side of the fence. terry has his triathlon in two weeks then he can finally relax and not train every night. had our outdoor movie night on the weekend and it was great, everyone had fun and the kids got to stay up late and be maniacs.

what’s going on at home?”

❤ love, holli

(a glimpse of life from my daughter who was living far away in australia at the time)

 here’s to

national handwritten letter day

in honor of one of my favorite things.

“letters are among the most significant memorial a person can leave behind them.”

-johann wolfgang von goethe


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  1. I miss the handwritten letter. At the time I went away to college, I could count on 4 or 5 a week. I’ve always loved greeting cards and wonder after I’ve purchased them, who I’ll send them to. I’m a sucker for anything beautiful and romantic. How about you, Beth. Do you go for the silly cards or does the romantic stuff get to you?

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      • I bet you are really good at making those homemade cards. They can be real works of art. I have some I’ve received from friends I have scatteed on shelves around my office. They are too precious to ever part with. And, I do love my letters tied up in buddles with their respective colors of ribbons. Tom’s love notes even have their own special color and he’s given me lots of cards with special notes over the years. When I think I’m downsizing and passing things on, I have a niece that’s asked for all my letters and that type of thing. She’s a romantic the same way I am. Of course the letters from my immediate family [mother,father,grandparents,aunts and uncles will all be greats to her] – I’m thrilled somone wants part of our family history and how we lived during this time in our lives. You are the best Beth to bring these precious memoris out for us.

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  2. The only hand writing I actually do now is writing a journal for Lewis, but even that will probably in the end be converted to a word document, sad but true. Handwriting is a beautiful art form and sadly one not practised as often as it should.

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  3. I become very emotional when I see a handwritten letter. I write letters to my friend in Australia every few months, we hope we don’t stop. In fact, we send each other writing paper, so we can keep going. This letter from your daughter is such a treasure for you.

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