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  1. This has potent, hidden meanings, Beth. I will ponder this and read other’s “take” on it. Beautiful post and always good to get us thinking in the morning. Have a lovely, snowy day. Our is scattered snowflakes. . . ❤

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  2. Hi Beth. This is Lisa from lifestoriesandbeyond. I’m trying to kickstart a blog on medical issues and keep it a bit anonymous from my facebook friend community but open to the blogger population. I don’t want to put all my dirty laundry in the medical department out there and have to answer questions about it from all my friends I actually see. Anyway, I’m trying to go from that site, missdiagnosis.com to like your post and comment. My gravitar picture is the same. I’m wondering if this is actually going from the second site. Any thoughts you have are greatly appreciated on starting a new site. You are so successful I hoped you’d be the expert. Thanks. Lisa


  3. oh, my god…I adore this…on so many levels…on the lowest level, I am married to somebody who does this…pretends to be asleep…and on another level, the entire world seems to be engaging in this deception or escape mechanism at the moment….

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