part of my aussie family

was visiting here in

ann arbor, michigan, usa


bunbury, western australia


by chance

 went to a local county beekeepers meeting


some of my family who live here

where he 

came face to face with

his doppleganger.

both with

 yellow shirts











crossing paths 


finding themselves

in exactly

the same time and place

turned and talked 

and then

went their separate ways once again.

11,208 miles
Distance from Ann Arbor to Bunbury



an apparition or double of a living person.

credits: p. porter,

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  1. There was recently a documentary on British television about a guy who was exploring these kinds of similarities and had gathered several ‘couples’ from all over the world who were completely unrelated but you almost couldn’t tell them apart. The bizarre thing is that your guys look like one of the ‘couples’ included in the programme!

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  2. Here’s an odd coincidence – yesterday I was stuck in traffic and happened to glance in my rear view mirror. The woman in the vehicle behind me looked exactly like my sister-in-law. I could not resist the temptation to call her (using hands free technology, of course) thinking the woman behind me might actually pick up her phone. Wouldn’t THAT have been funny. Instead I reached my sister-in-law’s voice mail. Your post made me smile.

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  3. Wow, how cool! This post reminds me of a crazy experience I had two weeks ago. I was out of town at a wedding, and I thought I saw a new friend there who we didn’t think was acquainted with the two grooms, so my partner and I called out his name — but he didn’t answer! This friend is really distinct looking — tight curls, etc., not someone you could mix up with someone else. So we think, “Is he just ignoring us?”

    An hour later, I realized that our friend had once referred to a twin. We went up to the apparent doppelganger and asked him if by chance he had a twin by our friends name. BINGO! And this after driving two hours to attend the wedding. It’s a small world!

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