as i’ve been walking and exploring

the parks and outdoor recreation areas around town 

i realize how many i have yet to visit

so i’ve decided to walk in each of the parks 

in ann arbor

all 159+ of them

to see what is unique about each

with more than

2,000 acres of parkland

 50,000 trees

a river, dams, falls, hills, ponds, gardens,

woods, meadows, prairies, and rec areas

found in spaces ranging from

tiny neighborhood green spots to wide open expanses

i see an adventure ahead

with no planned deadline or timeline

 so i began the list alphabetically yesterday

and have walked 2 of them so far

only 157+ to go.

“parks are works of art just as a painting or sculpture is.”

-thomas hoving

credits: ann arbor parks and recreation

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  1. I must confess that I knew diddally squat about Ann Arbor – until I checked out your blog. Since then I’ve Google-Imaged it, and I can’t get the thought of the ‘Ghost Whisperer’ town, Grand View, out of my head. It looks like a grand place to live.

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  2. What a brilliant idea,
    let the adventures begin.
    It’s amazing how we
    move through life missing
    what is right in front of us,
    but just standing back and
    looking beyond our sphere
    can add such a wealth of
    enjoyment. Have a really
    great journey as you ponder
    each and every park my
    lovely friend Beth 🙂

    Happy 4th of July my dear 🙂

    Andro x

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  3. Ann Arbor is bigger than my town! Wow, I guess I didn’t think of it being full of so many parks. I am not sure even Columbus has that many!! 🙂 Happy park exploring, Beth!
    Hope you are careful and be safe.

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