i began a yoga class this summer

and share a quiet space 

with an friendly group:

rambo with the headband, 

the affectionate couple,

the woman about to give birth on the mat, 

the giggler,

stretch armstrong,

the woman with lots of extra stuff,

and a smattering of others

all kinds of interesting 

 of various skill levels

our instructor 

 a sweet hippie fairy

with a lyrical whisper voice

leaves me guessing

 watching the others

trying my best to follow 

open my eyes, close my eyes, bend, stretch, balance, breathe, hold, lift, tilt, reach

go further

stay in synch with the others 

all while relaxing and clearing my mind. 

i’m getting there, and as my generous teacher said,

“at least you’re going one inch further each time.”

well, there you go

according to this math

i will be doing a headstand by the time i’m 93

i’m on my way.

“blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.”
– author unknown




photo credit: 1935, vintage bondi beach, australia, catherine annis

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  1. Fabulous – any 93 year old doing a headstand gets my vote! 🙂 I ‘intend’ to resume my yoga practise every morning. Every night I state that intention again for the next morning …… At this rate I’ll be stiff as board by the time I’m 93 🙂

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  2. Love it! Just don’t stop! If you can’t go to class, do a video, which works for me since I’m always on the road. Once you memorize the flow, you can do it anywhere, anytime, by just listening. I can’t live without it, hope to be practicing when I’m 93 as well! 👍😊🙏

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  3. I’ve wanted to like yoga for years. Sometimes I even go to 3 classes in a row before not liking it again. I know it would be good for me, has been good for me… It is the kale salad with no dressing exercise program of my life. sigh…

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  6. I loved this, it took me back to when I used to do yoga all the time! It was so peaceful and the group of people you have class with suddenly feel like they are connected to you. I have a friend learning how to be an instructor, I’m not sure if you are as well, but the experience is definitely changing her worldly perspective. Great post :))))

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  7. Wonderful post, the first time I did yoga was when I was 16, and I was so relaxed I fell asleep in the gym. It takes time one inch at a time.

    I am a yoga instructor and got my certification so I can put together my own classes together for my personal practice and get a deeper meaning of yoga.

    Do not underestimate the power of deep breathing and try to develop a personal practice at home, it is rewarding when you have that private time for yourself to breath deep into every stretch. There are so many types of yoga out there they all have there own effect and all are beneficial.

    Headstands the weight of your body is supported by the shoulders, your shoulders support you and it is more about body balance with your core. If you do it rite you will not have any pressure on your head. It’s an excellent pose that allows the blood to get to the brain.

    I just started a blog 3 days ago, check me out from time to time, will be writing about yoga, qi gong, tai chi, writing, and other stuff.

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  10. I love this post😂 I never get by the first class of yoga. Patience and practise is two good words to remember when trying out new things… Not my strong sides at all😊

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  11. Yoga is not related with one particular religion, but it is a universal science, and is open to all sans discrimination on any ground. There is no mention of hell or heaven in the text of yoga books.
    Yoga is counted as one of the six systems of Indian philosophy, but it can’t be exclusively aligned with Hindu religion. Yoga doesn’t support any particular religious ideology, but it rotates on the realization of supreme consciousness for supreme bliss

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