small enough.


swimming off of belle isle in the detroit river

with the city keeping watch in the background

belle isle is the country’s largest city island park; at approximately 948 acres, it is larger than new york city’s central park. both were designed by famed landscape architect frederick law olmstead. the island officially opened in1845, when it became known as belle isle. in 2014, it became michigan’s newest state park and is being lovingly restored to it’s original splendor. 

“detroit is big enough to matter in the world

and small enough for you to matter in it.”

― jeanette pierce


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  1. I didn’t know Belle Isle had any infrastructure or historical buildings. I got the idea it was more of a nature preserve/wilderness park where people could camp rough. (Can you tell I’m from the “West Coast” side of the state?)

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    • i can understand the perception. it is quite the contrary situation there, however. there is the oldest aquarium in the country, a lovely nature conservatory, the detroit boat club, and on and on. the structures are stunning and in various states of restoration, some completed and some in process, and they are lovely.

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  2. Neat! For a ton of cool history about Olmstead (and a lot of other reasons), read “Devil in the White City” by Erik Larsen. It will stay with you.

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