hope and audacity.


on my way to vote in the primary election yesterday

in the midst of many signs

one stood out.

“in an election, one needs both hope and audacity.”

francois hollande

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  1. It’s a great quote if said by a Kennedy and Reagan, a Roosevelt or a Churchill. Sadly though the real Hollande did not fulfill his offer of hope to the French people who elected him and he was about as audacious as a moped-riding adulterer socialist who, according to his ex-partner in reality hated the poor, could be. France is doomed to elect leaders whose PR spin is greater than their spine — in the face of protesting farmers who block the roads, fishermen who block the ports and factory workers who kidnap their bosses IMHO.

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  2. Gosh, I’m not sure if we had one, the news didn’t mention any. May and November are out big ones. . . oops.
    Happy mid-west to you! Hendrix has his #2 bday tomorrow but the weekend we will have the party. Every time I think ahead, something’s going on. Miss ya and still figuring out when to meet. 🚁🚀🚜

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  3. I remember Hollande being deliberately promoted as a rather ordinary or “normal” candidate after the flamboyant Sarkozy and then they were disappointed when that’s the sort of president he was! However, he was revealed to be having an affair at one point but I don’t think that the French thought that was much of a big deal!

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