bird hills park

dolph park

dhu varen park

eberwhite woods park

loving all the forts, both big and small that i’ve discovered as i continue my journey through the ann arbor parks. forts are very sacred places. lots of heart and hard work go into the making of them – special spaces to meet and hang out with your gang.

(i’m about half way through the parks now -through the letter ‘i’)

– 80 down and 80-ish to go! Β –


“i have a lot of growing up to do. i realized that the other day inside my fort. “

-zach galifianakis


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  1. So interesting. There is a nearly identical fort in the forested park we walk in. Yet I never see children there playing. Did you see children? It is almost eerie that you posted these pictures. An alien invasion we don’t know about maybe??

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    • yes, mike. you may be right on that. i know some were built by local children and the others, unsure. either way, i find that forts offer a certain type of shelter and comfort –


  2. Great to see that fort building is still thriving! Forts were huge among the kids in my neighborhood when I was growing up. My best friend and I even made one for girls only. We were obsessed with Anne Of Green Gables, which we watched over and over via a VHS recording I’d made when it ran during a PBS drive. To this day, she calls me Diana and I call her Anne. We called our fort Green Gables. πŸ™‚

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  3. What a wonderful ‘comeupon’ in the parks. A favourite pleasure amongst children when I was a little younger. We always left them intact but were a little miffed if anyone else took possession before we were finished loving them. That is a fabulous quote too.

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