polar express.

#airport #islandlife #mackinacisland #winteronmackinac #airplane #firsttimeonatinyplane #tinyplanes
jodie in the parking lot at mackinac island airport –
january in northern michigan


“i like the gizmos that transport people.”

-chris van allsburg – (michgan native and author of the polar express)







credits: Mackinac Island Dockporters Association, jodie, roger priebe


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    • it is a very special place. i’ve never been there in winter, either. the picture was taken by, and of, much hardier winter people than myself. mostly just the locals in the winter, the year round residents, though they have expanded their tourist season to be much longer than it used to be.

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  1. Is this a Jodie we know from blogging? She looks so happy and like a fun person! 😊 You are also such a fun person, Beth!
    I’ve been to Mackinac Island, which in the summer reminded me of New England. It has such cute shops, specialty stores and lots of souvenirs! 🍩 πŸ–Ό 🍦🍬🍾

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  2. Hi. The photo brings back such memories! My twin and I inherited heavyweight buffalo plaid Mackinaw jackets from our Canadian lumberjack grandfather. We wore them together but my twin insisted on calling them Mackinacs and we had a falling out from which we never recovered, as he moved to Palm Springs, California, and donated his jacket to a homeless person who was subsequently made to move by the police, across the I10 to Joshua Tree, where the nights are colder. Cheers.

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