just happened upon this while grocery shopping

and based up the name and descriptors

i have absolutely no idea what it actually is.

things that i do know about it:

corn plays some sort of role

  it is very yellow

 corn can dance or do magic.

things i do not know about it:

is it animal, mineral or vegetable?

“truth is ever to be found in simplicity,

and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things.”

-isaac newton

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  1. Gee Beth, perhaps the, ‘magic butter’ morphs into ‘hulls’ thereby changing the entire popcorn and its hulless (??) properties back to ‘normal’ popcorn? I’m experiencing cornfusion too! Cher xo

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  2. We would buy this back in the years 1994 -1999 for the elderly in our nursing home for activities like showing a film or during a concert. 😊
    They are like butter flavored Cheetos. It is funny because no one thinks twice about eating cheese flavored puffs!
    No real butter, just salty corn puffs; instead of potato chips or popcorn which don’t melt easily in denture filled mouths! 😀

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