same hero, different season.


in much the same way

that he appeared out of the blue

in the midst of a very heavy snow season

to ask if i would hire him to shovel my driveway

and disappearing just as suddenly

only to appear again

last weekend

wheeling his mower down the sidewalk

and stopping by

to ask if i would hire him to mow my lawn

soon after my lawn mower refused to start

the quiet, polite, hardworking kid with no name is back 

and gone again.

“everybody is a hero in their own story if you just look.”

-maeve binchy



image credit: pincor products vintage advertising

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  1. Love the quote and the story. One a neighborhood teenager walked by as I was shoveling and just took over–for no reason and without promise of pay. It was the sweetest thing. I went to the school (I’d figured out who he was through my kids and made a big fuss about him to the principal (and left the kid a small token of my appreciation). Heroes should be celebrated–as you just did here! Thank you for reminding me.

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  3. Reminds me of the teen who has come by occasionally and offered to shovel snow. I paid him extra, pleased to see him so enterprising and hard working. But I have to hire a regular for summer mowing.

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