animal instincts.


when glenn had to go through painful surgery

and was at last home again

tiny sweet olive

approached him gently

touched her head to his

let him eat their favorite food first

and moved quietly

next to him

at his special place by the window

just lying there

in silence

for hours on end

while he recovered

offering him

the quiet comfort

of their tender friendship.

“besides love and sympathy,

animals exhibit other qualities

connected with the social instincts

which in us would be called moral.”

― charles darwin

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    • she definitely looks bigger in this pic, but she is half his size, and they’ve said she’ll stay this size. they really have become good friends no matter their size )


  1. There is so much more going on inside those furry little heads (and hearts) than most of us realize, I suspect. Thank you for sharing this lovely story. I hope Glenn will recover quickly and fully.

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  2. I think they are more than normal. I think we can learn from them. They act from their hearts and are not taught or expected to respond in a certain way. They get no reward for being kind, no thanks, no religious points to get them into heaven and they don’t TELL others what they have done. They just are. They just give because it’s what they are. This is so beautiful. Thank you.

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