where some see light, others see night.

The City of Ann Arbor Government
and the 
US National Weather Service – Detroit
issued this statement yesterday:


We lost 38 seconds of daylight yesterday. By the end of the month, we’ll be losing over 2 minutes each day and by the end of next month, nearly 20 minutes per week. Here’s what you can expect as you savor the waning days of Michigan’s warm season:

July: -45 minutes lost
August: -1 hour 16 minutes lost
September: -1 hour 22 minutes lost
October: -1 hour 23 minutes lost
November: -1 hour 1 minute lost

It won’t be long until you have an extra 6 hours of darkness to spend on your indoor hobbies. Have a great Monday.

i think that someone may have been very hot and had a tough monday.
“we’re burnin’ daylight.”

-john wayne

image credit: kur4


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  1. The time this was most noticeable to us was when we lived in Finland during the winter where we had 4 hours of daylight in January. We were so fascinated by how much sun was added (resulting in 23 hours of daylight in June) that we kept tract. Much more subtle here.

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  2. Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for visiting. I’ve just discovered… though I’m not sure I’ll remember how to see Likes without having them posted.

    I like posts that offer up some explanations. I think while I’m further south, your figures are true enough. Be careful with the weather and mud slides and such. Over at CR, where I’ve notices you also visit… there was a big issue with water. I saw those photos with the road upended.

    Be well and have a great July 4th, ~Jules

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