turn down the heat.


glenn frey the cat not the rocker

is really upset

about the ongoing stretch of excessive heat

and has decided

to vocally protest

each night


i have a different style

and feel that silent protests

might be much more effective.

“that lemon drop is bearing down
so hot it wilts my artificial flowers”

-richard l. ratliff

image credit: henri rousseau, ‘the sleeping gypsy’

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  1. Poor Glenn! And even more importantly, poor YOU. I hope Mr. Frey will soon realize that his wails of protest are useless and that you’ll both get a good night’s sleep.

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  2. Yes, Beth! Poor Glenn Frey. . . and you at night. 🌛
    We need our sleep. My son comes in from his second job when I am just reaching my REM sleep. No amount of fans can cover his rummaging around. Like a 🐻.

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