glitter again/still.


i went to the u of m dermo clinic

for my annual skin checkup

and remembered

just how thorough they were

when 3 different docs

checked me out. 

the first one asked,

“did you know that you have some glitter stuck to your back?’

the second one asked,

“how did you get glitter in your hair?”

and finally, the third, the resident doc asked,

“did you know that you have glitter on your feet?”

i think they all imagined that i’d been to a wild party

or secretly am a dancer as my second job

i really couldn’t attribute it to working with the kinders

now that it’s summer break.

i  told all of them that i wasn’t really surprised

that it’s always on me somewhere

thanked them for letting me know

and for another clean bill of health.

i think it lightened things up a bit in their clinic. 

“i must bridge the gap

between adolescent glitter and mature glow.”

-sylvia plath






image credit: instyle

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  1. Too funny! Shortly after moving in with my boyfriend 4 long years ago, I wrapped Christmas gifts in glittery ribbon. To this day, we STILL find glitter. He solemnly refers to it as “the Christmas his man-cave died” hahaha! Glitter NEVER goes away, does it?!

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  2. just wonderful…and I know a really dirty story shared by an 80 something lady that I cannot reveal for public consumption regarding glitter and a trip to the gynecologist….some day when we meet in a bookstore again?

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  3. I’ve spent most of the past two days trying to clean up the glitter from my floors, couch, table, skin, hair. I have a little one who got four different glittery princess dresses for her third birthday…..!

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