where hobbies, hijinks, and capers go bad = my childhood #6


(not my actual sale, this one is 70 miles long, but you get the feel of it)

there was that time

when i decided the best way to earn some quick cash

was to have a yard sale.

so i dragged our lemonade stand table out into the front yard

threw a plastic tablecloth over it

made a sign

covered it with stuff to sell

opened for business

let the cash flow begin!

 a couple of friends and their sibs

stopped by on bikes

to check it out

i quickly made 57 cents

things were humming along at a nice pace

the venture was looking promising

i thought i’d do this each weekend

maybe hire an assistant

deciding what i’d do with all the cash


my sister came marching out of the house

to see what was going on

 realized that i was selling her stuff

my mom soon followed

and that business closed pretty quickly.

“three dollars and it only transports matter?!”

(at professor frink’s yard sale – homer simpson)

fictional character from the animated tv series created by matt groening, the simpsons




image credit: cbc.ca



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  1. Oh, well, reminds me of my fabulous business idea to sell balloons to my sisters… of course, I pumped them. But when one of my sisters proudly showed my parents what a great deal she made… the also closed my business too…

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  2. I have had one and only one garage sale in my life (we don’t always call them yard sales here). I quickly developed a loathing for some “professional” pickers who knocked on the door before we were ready and some pushy people who grabbed stuff, offered a pittance and started to walk away with it. Let’s just say, “discussions” ensued.

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