our last day.


we spent our last day together

glenn frey the cat, not the rocker

olive the cat, not the oil

and me.

glenn has taken a turn for the worse

and is quickly slowing down

resting in his favorite place

with olive refusing to leave his side

the three of us

sit in the quiet

just breathing

looking out at the signs

of the seasons changing

taking in the breezes.

i think back to his multiple rescues

his funny, crazy ways

his very loud voice

how i often spelled his name wrong

how he acted tough at first

but was really such a gentle giant

how he tried to camouflage himself in the vines and flowers

how he welcomed another rescue, tiny olive

into our little family.

in the morning

there will be

just two of us left

when we return to this room

as we say farewell

to our sweet friend, glenn frey.

even the flowers are sad.

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  1. oh, you have captured so very much here…the photo, the words, the caring, the impact of nurturing others in addition to the human population. my stamp of approval is obvious as I really needed this today, but I am so sorry about your sadness. and I certainly understand, I can truly write here, how you feel. feelings matter…and humans with hearts matter so much in this rather detached world of ours.

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  2. Oh Beth…..we have been there far too many times. And I always say, “Not again” and inevitably end up with another furry family member who we love dearly….I’m so, so sorry dear Beth…so, so sorry….sending hugs. (((HUGS))) ❤

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