rise above ourselves.


This image took my breath away, in it I’m sure we all recognize a hundred faces of our own nieces, daughters and little friends. How refugee children sleep in Europe in 2018…. I wish for her a warm bed with the softest blankets and a princess netting just because it’s pretty, not to keep out hundreds of mosquitoes, and a nightlight in the shape of the moon. All of these things inside a safe and happy home. A garden and toys to play with, a school to go to. Just the normal and most basic rights for any child. – m. graeve


‘compassion brings us to a stop, and for a moment we rise above ourselves.’

-mason cooley


image credit: muhammed muheisen,

story credits: open homes open hearts, merel graeve – stories from the ground

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  1. Doesn’t her beautiful little face look so peaceful and innocent? I hope that someday she will be able to forget whatever horror her family fled and dream about the future. Her and the untold thousands of other children who have been made refugees by war, famine, and need. So heartbreaking.

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  2. Oh, if we could just help all the people on earth who need it, and would appreciate a helping hand.
    Is there an answer to this? No, unfortunately. At some point the ants need a new anthill to house all their members. Where do the earthlings go when they fill up their earth?
    Yes, it breaks my heart. Yes, I feel fortunate to live where I do: a warm home, food, people who love me. The bare necessities of life.

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