not exactly.


imagine my surprise

just before undergoing

an out-patient medical test

listening to the waiver

read aloud to me

most of it

consisting of the usual

risks, percentages, side effects

 somewhere in the middle

i heard:

“medicine is not an exact science.”

best liability statement i have ever heard.


“i am dying from the treatment of too many physicians.”

-alexander the great




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  1. I love truth from people! (I had a knee surgery once and the doctor said “I’ve done this over 10,000 times and only one patient developed a blood clot. But I have to tell you it can happen.” Well, it did happen. My coworker went to the same doctor within weeks of me and he was given the same schpiel BUT the doctor said “I’ve only had 2 patients develop blood clots”. I appreciated his truth and always remembered that.)

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  2. I hope all went well, Beth. Ugh, those statements. I remember when I had a colonoscopy, and I’m reading all the stuff that could go wrong. But what are you going to do–especially after you’ve done the prep! 🙂

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  3. This is how it is and they have to to cover themselves.Every human reacts differently to medicine so they can never predict things accurately. Also they are only human. We all want the best and only hope that when they do something to you they DO their best.

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  4. Doctors are trained and educated to ‘practice’ medicine. Every ‘body’ is different, so every ‘body’ can have different reactions to the same ‘practice’. Lawyers ‘practice’ law, also. An older generation gave a lot of esteem to doctors, lawyers, elected persons (almost always men) and persons of religious hierarchy (also men). People today do not give automatic esteem to educated people without the individual practitioner earning their admiration and/or thanks.

    I reiterate, medicine and law are not exact. People practice them and usually (though there are many exceptions) get better with experience.

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