feeling grateful

for a wonderful surprise

from two of my friends

who gave me their set of original golden books

something i have always wanted 

since i was a young child.

they knew i would treasure them.

“life is always bringing unexpected gifts.”

-mary sarton

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  1. How wonderful! Several years ago, I found a Dick and Jane book at a garage sale. $1!!!!! I absolutely treasure it. Have fun sharing those old stories with the Kinders. It will be fun to see if they still hold true. The perfect gift for someone who can actually use them!

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  2. The notifications icon had been turned off – I just assumed you weren’t posting! I wonder how long that’s been going on for. My daughters had a huge collection of little golden books – most of which ended in tatters, but a few survived and are kept by my daughter the book rep. They are much loved little volumes!

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  3. Beth, we immediately thought of you because we knew how much you loved them. The special lady who owned them treasured them like you.
    You are the perfect person to love and give them a new home. Enjoy a happy stroll down childhood lane.
    We love you ❤️❤️

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  4. I fondly remember my Little Golden Books as a child . When my Mom passed away last year she had about a dozen of my Little Golden Books put away that we discovered as we were cleaning out her place for the final time … what a wonderful reminder they were of my childhood and of my Mom … thanks for this post, Beth …

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