retelling stories.


peter bence retells toto’s story of africa in a new way

not confining himself to just the keyboard

  of this half million dollar piano

well worth a listen.

“i’m an interpreter of stories.

when I perform it’s like sitting down at my piano and telling fairy stories.

-nat king cole

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  1. Blimey, mustn‘t show this to Hero Husband – he‘s also a piano player (the classical type!) – or else he‘d either destroy his wonderful and quite expensive piano OR wants to get the 1/2Mio$ stuff too…. 😉
    This is absoluely AMAZING. Thank You so much for sharing! (Maybe I will share with HH after all!)

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  2. I’m so happy…he’s amazing and knows how to wake us up with his fantastic gift of smashing away at his piano and getting a standing ovation. I just LOVED the video so much. Thank you and I’m going to reblog it so more people can be happy. YAY!!!! Thank you again.

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  3. Pingback: retelling stories. — I didn’t have my glasses on….(do not miss this fantastic video from ksbeth’s blog. It’s truly fun and mazing. He’s into it…big time!) | Rethinking Life

  4. Yowser, Beth! Thank you for this wonderful share. Though now you have me thinking accusing thoughts about my piano teacher, who never told me you could reach into the instrument and pluck it like that. 🙂 God bless Peter Bence and his creative imagination, I guess.

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