in honor of national dandelion day

(the bees will be busy celebrating)


“dandelions don’t tell no lies…”

― mick jagger






image credit: downtown home and garden

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  1. I wish I could tell that to my zillions of dandies covering up EVERYTHING…. I loved them until they got to take over my 1150m2 of garden! And you don‘t feel like eating their leaves once you tried for hours to unroot their trunk-like strong holds 😉
    Having said that, I will go back to liking them once I‘m outta here…. promise.
    Also, dandies are not a weed, they are flowers with a different name 🙂

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  2. They do look nice. I think they’re underappreciated because they’re so common. I ate one once and it was bitter–there’s probably some trick to cooking them.

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  3. Poor Mick had to cancel his upcoming tour for medical reasons. My friend was set to see his first shoe in Miami this April. I did not know he’s 75 years old!!!!! Whaaaa??????

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  4. I’ve actually eaten the greens a few times, kind of a springtime tradition, with a hot Penna. Dutch bacon dressing. If you pick them young enough, they’re really not bitter. And I like the flowers.
    I saw that Mick Jagger had heart surgery – – we were discussing, how on earth they’d manage to sedate him!

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