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  1. Wait – thought they were coming here because they were afraid…that’s what they tell immigration judges. Oh, well. Fear here, fear there, fear everywhere.
    I fear if you don’t stand and fight for what is important – or expect others to constantly fight your battles, nothing changes – life is so hard or just flat brutal for so many in so many places like Venezuela. Sticks against tanks. But a they feel a better life is worth taking a stand and fighting for.
    Let’s be honest, this is a mass migration as there has been in many many eras before by various people. The world is constantly changing. Hopefully some of the new arrivals will hold their patriotism and loyalty to their home lands and after resting in safe shelter, getting care, learning skills, and studying they will be feel drawn to return home and take their countries back.
    Quote is applicable to so many situations and ideas. Timely even without the picture…maybe more so. Nichols was quite fearless in his profession – an organizer, an activist. Wasn’t afraid to take a stand and a risk at times when unionization was dangerous.

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