too much.


“there is too much bad news to justify complacency

there is too much good news to justify despair.” 

-donella meadows





image credit: bizjournals, dirk rietschel

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  1. One reason we have too much (and too much that’s false or irrelevant) is that prophets of doom, in our society, have transformed into profit$ of doom. News agencies have a vested interest in keeping our eyes and clicking fingers on their sites, and even the worst seems to be hyped beyond reason.

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  2. I worked for newspapers and wire services for the firsts half of my career. We are simply the messenger. Blame us is like blaming a house for catching on fire. Blame the reasons for our coverage and you might be on to something. Anything else is just dissembling.


  3. Fab DoF pic and fantastic quote, sadly only too true.
    Although Mrs Meadows died at only 60yrs old, she had plenty to say….. Look at this:

    We have come to expect campaigns to be mean and stupid and politicians to be unresponsive, self-seeking and for sale to the highest bidder. We make jokes about our vice president, and all we ask of a president is that he be likeable. We seem to have given up on the Pentagon’s corrupt use of our tax dollars.

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