happiness expert.


the following job title popped up on my alumni website

and made me curious to learn just what a ‘happiness expert’ is exactly.

now that I know, I think that my definition is a very different one

though you can never have too much happiness.


Happiness Expert

Full-Time Position

We do more than just provide a software product to our campus partners. We provide a full experience to ensure their happiness and success, and you’ll be right there with them along the way as their own personal expert.

What You’ll Do:

  • Develop a lasting rapport with our campus partners, from coordinators to directors, deans to vice presidents, and beyond
  • Learn the unique needs and challenges of each campus that you work with and develop strategies that are centered around our solutions to address them
  • Manage the orientation process for campuses using our frameworks and learning outcomes, while infusing your own unique experiences
  • Help out our Happiness Allies by responding quickly and accurately to inbound conversations from our campus partners to answer their questions, complete with plenty of emojis and GIFs
  • Efficiently solve problems that users encounter by recreating them in a test environment
  • Ensure the quality and functionality of our software by completing user testing of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes (you’ll be the first to see all of the cool new stuff we’re building!)
  • Facilitate customer growth and success by staying up-to-date on current trends in higher education.
  • Created with Passion by Former Practitioners – We help student affairs professionals and student leaders on college and university campuses across the world create better communities, campus cultures, and student experiences. As former student affairs professionals and involved student leaders, we have a deep understanding of the industry and its most chronic problems. We’ve lived them! We’re growing fast, and would love your help making it happen!
Qualifications- You just might be our next Happiness Expert, if:

You have:

• Worked on campus as a student leader
• An intimate understanding of, and passion for, our software and the problems it solves
• An affinity for all things technology. You love to be the first to try out shiny new software
• An uncanny ability to develop and maintain relationships with your new best friends (aka our partner institutions)
• The desire and ability to work with all types of people, both on your team and with our campus partners

And you:

• Are a great listener, challenge the industry status quo, and question everything
• Have an open mind — you love trying new things, generating new ideas, and don’t mind failing
• Get excited by meeting and talking to new people, building relationships, and helping out
• Have an exceptional eye for organization in everything that you do
• Regularly self-reflect, practice self-awareness, self-motivation, and setting strategy
• Take joy and pride in setting and exceeding goals
• Are excited to push our growth forward!

“some cause happiness wherever they go,
some cause happiness whenever they go.”
-oscar wilde

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  1. There is nothing more draining than to be exposed to fake warmth or what I call “The air-hostess smile” and this advert reads like a horror story to me . As you know with kids, regardless of age and background, people know when you are being real, and there is no substitute. If you can be real and caring that is a true blessing 🙂

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  2. There was a tech company in Austin, across the hall from one of my clients. They were called Happy Happy Fun Fun, and had a silly face as a logo on the door. 😁
    Those techies know how to enjoy things.

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  3. Doesn’t WordPress calls its tech support group “Happiness Engineers”? I’d be interested in seeing their job description. It’s probably a tough job since you are likely dealing with unhappy people all day!

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  4. My tub book for the past two weeks has been “The Geography of Bliss,” and it talks about how to measure happiness and what cultures are the most happy (Iceland, yes, Russia, no), and which cultures don’t even give thought to their individual happiness, but more as a whole (Japan). Poor countries can be filled with happy people, while oil-rich nations like Qatar, which has the highest per capita income in the world, can be full of rude, miserable, obese people. They definitely need a happiness expert.

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  5. This is an interesting position to learn about. I think it is very important with companies like this that someone is there for them throughout their employment career in order to help them find fulfillment and meaning in their lives. I just wrote an article about the pursuit of happiness in general, in which I describe how being engaged in one’s work is a great way to pursue happiness. This looks different between people depending on what talents they possess and whether they are being used to the best of their ability. Feel free to check it out and leave any contributions that you would like. Thanks, and great post on telling readers about this job position!

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