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  1. I chose NOT to have children for the reasons Mr. Rogers expresses so eloquently here. Many things entered into that decision, all of them personal. I knew at a very young age that I would rather die than have children. I don’t think anyone who feels that way should enter into parenthood. But it was interesting when I was in my 30s how many people asked me when I was going to have my family. What’s a family, anyway? Mine comprised several random neighborhood kids who desperately needed the company of a responsible adult and the 10k+ students I taught over 35 years in the classroom.

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  2. As always, Mr. Rogers’ words leave me a bit breathless. This quote is so true, and sadly, many parents don’t realize the effect they have on their children. But on the other hand, as I watch my own ‘children’ raise their children, I see how absolutely observant and right Mr. Rogers was.

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