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  1. Oh the BIG smiles you gave me. THANK YOU.
    BUT also a question: What were the drugs you were under when ´doing’ that plan? 😉 😉
    And can I just state that THIS form of po.n I wd happily subscribe to?!
    This is exactly what I see as ´the thing to do’….. and next week one of my friends will visit me from afar JUST for the pleasure of seeing me and my plan is fully aligned to that quote. Because THAT is what we do, as friends 🙂

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  2. Love it.

    My “guys” have never had a sleepover. Or so I thought . . . until I stopped to think. The ‘Old Dogs’, as we call ourselves (classmates who have maintained friendship through the years), do sleepovers every year for a week. Once there were seven (7). Now there are four. We arrive at ‘The Gatherings’ on walkers, and memories in need of repair, pills, and a prayer book . . . and a Fifth or two . . . that make us seven again. There’s nothing like a sleepover celebration with old friends.

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