come home to you.


where olive belongs. 


“Want to know the truth about belonging?

It takes courage to belong.

It takes bravery to show up in your own skin.

It’s easy to fit in.

It’s easy to blend in and hide your outrageousness.

And it’s also the easiest way to lose the precious parts of you.

You deserve to be seen. You deserve to be heard.

You deserve to be known for the real deal that you are.

Stop taking the easy way out. Stop trying to fit in.

The best place in life is where you’re already okay.

Come home to you.

It’s where you belong.”

Anne Bechard

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  1. That’s nearly too deep for me right now. I’m on an ‘easy floating’ trip 😉
    Also don’t see Olive’s reference but maybe you can explain? In any case, it’s very true and as it happens, I just had a similar discussion with Hero Husband (referencing to childhood experiences and ‘forming’). So maybe I just ‘had’ my deep moments for today…..
    Anyway, we’re off to my brother’s annual ‘family do’ – all four children plus our mum and our partners (but not our combined lot of children, grandies, cats and whatnot) gather at his house for a sumptous afternoon/eve/near night with food, a RACLETTE, and all that goes with it and preceeds/follows.

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    • they are not bothered with fuss of trying to fit in. I noticed this when she sat near the christmas animals but kept her distance and didn’t try to fit her way in.


  2. omigod I love this….I believe and live this credo to the max and always have and am often very lonely…but this is truth unvarnished and the only way to live!

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