mind the gap.


there should be a word

for the feeling you get

after you work many hours

to complete

a beautiful jigsaw puzzle

only to find

there is a piece missing.Β 



‘the historian has before him a jigsaw puzzle

from which many pieces have disappeared.

these gaps can be filled only by his imagination.’

-gaetano salvemini



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  1. I can’t see a missing puzzle piece but boy, do I LOVE the quote. That would make a terrific motto for 2020 – replace the missing parts/bits/memories/ with imagination. Lovely….. great work as always, Beth. Thank You.

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  2. Sooooo frustrating!!
    But it is simply gorgeous.
    Whose puzzle is it? I’d love to get
    it for a friend.
    May all your puzzle pieces be there for 2020!!


    • thanks, jb. this is one of series of 3 mushroom puzzles. the first I bought at a local indy book store, my daughter ordered me the others from their website – ceaco puzzles. I looked and they only have 2 of the 3 on their site right now, but they’re all beautiful. 750 pieces.


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