January 17th is National Send a Handwritten Letter Day.

(one of my favorite things in this world)

Why celebrate on January 17th? 

Because it’s the birthday of Benjamin Franklin,

 the first Postmaster General of the United States.

The idea is to save the dying art of letter writing

and help the ailing Post Office

by sending a letter to someone you care about.

Who will you surprise with a letter?

Saving the world one letter at a time.

“letters are among the most significant memorial a person can leave behind them.”

-johann wolfgang von goethe



image credit: Anastasy Yarmolovich

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  1. Are you serious, or have you just invented this new ‘tradition’???? In any case, that’s THE BEST EVER. I love handwriting, I send cards with just a few words to friends w/o any reason, just to give some joy. It works beautifully. I shall JUST RIGHT NOW write another note and send it to somebody who ‘needs’ a word from me 🙂

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    • I love to do this too. A number of years back I blogged about a man who I met when he was a photo journalist covering a major event in my town. It was more than 20 years ago and we’ve been pen pals ever since, no matter where in the world he was living. Last summer I saw his photo credit on an international story that a 4th grade child in my school was using as part of a research project. Very small world made even smaller with the connection of handwritten letters


  2. Have searched high and low to get your mail address to ask you for your home address – I absolutely want to send you a card!!!! If you don’t want to put this here, ask DK – he must have them all and he can give you mine. 🙂

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  3. You know, with computers and cell phones, I think the only time I get a handwritten letter is in Christmas cards anymore. It must be close to being a dying art. But a handwritten letter truly is a wonderful thing.


  4. The best treasures…hand written letters from my father in seminary and the army. Grandfather’s love letters to Grandmother. Times were different when we took the time to write, put in the effort to mail and waited with anticipation for replies.

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  5. A wonderful idea. But my hand shakes and my eyes are bad, I’m not sure that I’d make sense. However, I did send a letter which I typed and put it in an envelope which I hand addressed. Now, I hope it gets there…excellent post👍

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  6. I’m only reading this on the 18th, but love the idea, and writing letters – and cards, too – so thanks for the reminder! I am in Canada, and our postal service is sadly lacking in many ways but even with the delay I still enjoy getting a letter or card. It is so much more personal than an email or a text message.

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