treasure house.


in 1852 Roget published his thesaurus, a word that means ‘treasure house’ in greek. 


British lexicographer Peter Mark Roget—who is most famous for publishing The Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases (a.k.a. Roget’s Thesaurus) in 1852—was born on January 18, 1779. As such, this is a day to honor, celebrate, extol, laud, praise, revere, salute, etc. his contributions.

“the man is not wholly evil, he has a thesaurus in his cabin.”

– j.m. barrie, author of Peter Pan, describing the character Captain Hook. 

Personal note:

I am a huge fan of alphabets, words, and more words, in all languages

the thesaurus is one of my favorite books

and it is indeed a treasure house.

image credit: the right word, Roget and his thesaurus by Jen Bryant and Melissa Sweet 

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  1. Oh Beth, now you are REALLY breaking my heart. Why? Because in preparation of our intern. Move we have to get rid of some 1600 books and VERY WEIGHTY amongst those are my umpteen Thesaurus, etymological dictionaries, (we have standard works in 5 languages plus a dozen works in 7), plus historical guidebooks worth hundreds of CHF at the time of buying them, and ALL of them have to go – as we now are able to look them up on the internet….. And it makes me SO SAD! Books are my personal friends and it does nearly break me to know I can’t take them along and I can’t even give them to anybody.

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